Ivo Assis Rodrigues' brief curriculum
1987Born in Oporto, Portugal.
1992Honorable Mention in the Drawing National Competition by JN.
1994Honorable Mention in the Creativity National Competition by JN.
2003Exhibits several works at the Cultural Center of Rio Tinto.
2004Concluded Habitacional Architecture course at Fundação Serralves.
2005Begins collaboration in the studio Luis Ilidio Unip. Ltd.
2007Work published in the architecture journal House Traders No. 18.
2008Concluded Bachelor of Architecture from the FAA U. Lusíada Oporto.
2009Begins collaboration in the field of architecture with the weekly Journal Grande Porto.
Founder of the movement of architecture Projecta Futuro.
Interview several young architects.
Published the book "Arquitectura do nada".
2010Write articles for the Dutch architecture magazine MARK Magazine. 
Organizes architecture conferences nationwide.
Writes opinion articles for the Journal Planeamento e Cidades.
Work published in the internet site Espaço de Arquitectura.
2011Founded the studio Efémera - architecture and design. 
Completes the course "The books and the history of modern and contemporary architecture" by Fundação Serralves.
Master in Architecture from the ULP, with the dissertation topic “The housing space limitation from the surrounding, from immediate to the infinite”.
Invited Jury to the V PAE – National Art Award 2011.
 Co-founder and coordinator of Écult - organization for culture and art.
2012Coordinates the international expansion of efémera, entering in the French and Swedish markets.  
2013Coordinates the international expansion of efémera, entering in the German market.  
2014Coordinates the international expansion of efémera, entering in the Austrian market.
    Invited Jury to the III PPBD – Comics and Graphic Novels Professional Awards 2014.